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A Name!
Rich Luna
Alice Jane.
Home tomorrow.

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It was great to meet her today. I was hoping to post the pictures I took in the comments of this post, but my phone is being weird.

let us know if you are up for visitors! i am off tomorrow night...if that works out. email me or john :)

I know I already said it, but I absolutely LOVE that name!

Congrats!!!! Daddy Part Deux :)

I can't wait to see pictures of the munchkin. There's a need for some testosterone in that house of yours my friend. *_*


I love her name, and can't wait to see pictures (and, of course, meet the little lady "IRL")!

But, because your taste apparently mirrors ours a little too closely, we have been sent back to the drawing board. Eep! Just six weeks to sort this naming business out!

nice choice. So any chance we see you all this weekend?

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