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Rich Luna
Infant freakouts are fairly interesting. Where else in life are you guaranteed that any low is likely one of the worst moments of your life?

Also newborn poo should be used as a substitute for glue.

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah it is good that it is a time that they don't remember. It has the effect that I don't feel bad sometimes when she is really crying and her lip is trembling.

Though there is a small percentage of time where she spends time looking like she is going to slam into a wall. "Whah too fast!" While just laying there.

(Deleted comment)

You will do just fine!

Fear not, Max, it only lasts a few months. Unless you are super lucky and then it can last 6. But in the grand plan of it all what is 6 months when you consider 18 + years?

What? That wasn't helpful either???


She actually smiles at me and I don't think that she is just being polite. Well since she can't say otherwise I am going to just think that she enjoys me and my barren chest.

Cullen once observed that it's a good think newborns don't have a lot of control over their faculties, or a lot more would try to do themselves in. "Just take me back to the warm, dark, floaty place!!!!"

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