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Phone Calls
Rich Luna
Is anyone else getting a lot of parent social engineering calls?

In the sense of cold calls where they say that you have credit problems and they are trying to get a hold of you or that there are warranty issues with your auto? You hit 1 to talk to an operator and they starting asking you for personal information.

I talked to this guy today and asked him to send me something in the mail. He said that they don't do that anymore as it would use up all of the forests with paper consumption. He refused to tell me any information so I hung up on him.

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maybe if I had any idea WTF you were talking about, I could answer the question

I'm getting more child anti-social anarchy letters.

sam, if you are up this way on the weekend after Labor Day - It is Wheels and Wings on the 6th and on Sunday the 7th is the annual Osceola Fair Parade and the Dittrich BBQ in my yard just before the parade. You are of course, invited. John took over the grill after his dad died. Most of the people that come are his friends. We would love to have you. BBQ starts about noon and parade I think is around 1. The guys always seem to have a ball. there will be an assortment of wives and kids too we think. I never really take attendance at this gathering. It is just a fun time for John and friends (city and country) to get together and my being on the parade route just adds to it each year.

I will consider it, and I very much appreciate the invite. However, September and October are HUGE DJ months, and I'm more often than not working wedding receptions on those Saturdays. I'll keep it in mind.

I could answer the question if I answered my phone much lately..

i tend to not answer our home line when i don't recognize the number.
i get a call probably a couple times a week from some random number not addressed to either one of us "saying its important personal business and we need to return their call" yet they don't give ANY hints as to what the call is about, so we never return it.

I also had a couple of those this week on my machine. Like deb I tend not to just answer my land line unless I hear who is calling. I don't have caller i.d. must be something that is going around the area at the moment. It is a recorded call and then a person comes on the line.

Screen your calls! We use the heck out of our caller ID & answering machine. We do get a bunch of those types of calls but we don't talk to them at all.

Apparently they are running a lot of those scams down here. We don't get many because we don't have a land line, but my parents have been called about their checking account several times-- at a bank where they don't have an account.

Reminds me of this one:

Sounds like another scam to me

Yup. I've received COUNTLESS calls/messages about my auto warantee being up. In reality, I haven't had a warantee on my car for years. It's all a scam in my book.

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