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Selfish list of things to acomplish this weekend.
Rich Luna
Rebuild my firewall with pfSense 1.2.1.
Make further big dent in "Pragmatic Thinking and Learning"
Finish reading "The Three Signs of a Miserable Job: A Management Fable About Helping Employees Find Fulfillment in Their Work"
Read enough of "JUnit in Action" to have a functional understanding.
Read a chunk more of "Core Java Volume 1: Fundimentals"
Start working on examples from the SCJP book.
Get a basic functional understanding of JSF.

Ping my teacher about auditing the Java II class.

Work on my PDP.
Work on notes for my reports PDPs which I have seen none of the PDPs so far.(Still I have some notes.)
Work on a few things for submittal.

more. . .


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